• We are an unparelleled resource.

    We are an unparelleled resource. We take the time to understand your business by assessing your specific requirements, asking the right questions, offering fresh insights, and providing intelligent solutions.

  • Personal, Professional, & Reliable

    Personal, Professional, & Reliable Our on-site staff will deliver the same exceptional quality you expect from your own team - providing you with the right equipment, coordinate with the venue, and provide the technical expertise.

  • The benefits of consistency.

    The benefits of consistency. We can provide you with the same staff for every meeting regardless of location. This will allow you to focus on your clients and your meetings.

  • The effectiveness of your presentation.

    The effectiveness of your presentation. On site, we represent you. We assist your staff, anticipate problems before they arise, and give extra attention to your presenters.

We believe in planning ahead, anticipating needs, and utilizing the latest resources. This philosophy enables us to consistently produce successful events. Take a look around and learn more about us.

2016 Blockchain Symposium

A time lapse video of our stage and AV setup for a Blockchain Symposium

at the Grand Hyatt NYC. Thanks to our good friend Chris Elston at www.ChristopherElston.com for putting this together!